Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cookouts and Beer

Hi Everyone!

So I thought I would spend this post telling you all about my wonderful new friends and the fun things that we do to occupy our time. We only have 4.5 hours of class a day, which is a lot of German at once, but leaves us with plenty of time to explore Germany and German culture!! The wonderful organizer of our program is Raphael!

We love him! He has done a wonderful job organizing our program and deal with our endless whining about the internet (it took about a week for the internet in our dorms to start working, and you would have thought that the universe was ending from the amount of complaining we all--myself included--did)! One of my favorite things that he organizes are informal get togethers. In my last blog post, I spoke about our night tour of the city, which Raphael graciously organized and took us to some of his favorite bars. Two Thursdays ago he took us to one of his favorite beer gardens!

Joe, Stephen, and Rachel enjoying their beer
More of our group hanging out at the beer garden

We had a grand ole time. Chatting and drinking and eating the terrible food that one can buy at a beer garden. Our waitress was great! She chided those of us who were not drinking, saying that that's not what one does at a beer garden, one has to drink beer! She also continued speaking to us in German even when she realized it was not our first language (often many people will start speaking English to us because their English is better than our German, which always annoys me--I want to learn German!!). I even took a chance and ordered grĂ¼ne bier (green beer), which only meant that it was organic (or bio as they say in Germany).

The next week Raphael's friend, Jose (who also helps organizing the Fulbright language class), had us all over for a cook out in the garden of his apartment building. His apartment building is one of the oldest buildings in Marburg and in the big hill in the middle of the city. So the view from the garden was pretty amazing!

We had a lovely time cooking food and chatting. I even grilled for the first time!

It was an absolutely wonderful way to spend an evening.

Another night, some of my friends and I decided to have a taco party! We all frantically ran around the grocery store trying to buy all of the ingredients required (probably looking and sounding like typical Americans in the process). Then met at my dorm (because the kitchen in it is the best stocked kitchen in Studentendorf) later that night to cook. We had a marvelous time! I made guacamole.

My friend, Joe, made salsa

And we all managed to piece together a fabulous meal. With odd ingredients like arugula and feta cheese to go in our tacos.

And we all had the most enjoyable time!

So that's all for now folks! I will write soon with more tales of my fabulous adventures!



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