Sunday, August 21, 2011

I'm Here

Hi There!

I am so sorry that I have not been updating my blog regularly so far (this kind of seems like a repeat of last time right--I promise you that will not happen)! So this post will serve as a huge catch up on my life over the last 2 weeks.

August 7-10th

I left Newark and had a very pleasant flight. I met a girl in the airport, Chrissy, who is also in the Fulbright program, so we made our way to Marburg together. When we arrived in the Marburg hauptbahnhof (main train station), we were met by many people who helped with the first several days of the Fulbright Program. Then we were taken up this HUGE hill to the Studentendorf. The studentendorf consists of about 7 (ugly) dorms clustered together on the top of a hill overlooking Marburg.

And into my lovely (but small) dorm room.

For the next two days we were bombarded with information from our lovely German Fulbright Kommission organizers. We were fed really well! Which of course is the most important part. One night we had dinner at this lovely restaurant up on a hill right under the Schloss (castle).

August 11-12th

We started our language classes on Thursday the 11th. We were split into 4 classes and I was placed into level two. After several days I felt that this level was not challenging enough, so I along with three other classmates moved up to level 3. We have three hours of language class in the morning (if your eyes are exploding a bit from your head, that's usually how I feel after those three hours). Then we have a break for lunch and either have a culture class or another hour and a half of language class. It's been great so far! My classmates are amazing! We also have had two tours of the city: one during the day where we learned about the historical significance of the city and one at night, where we learned some different things about the city!

The Elizabethkirche
Elizabethkirche at night

Inside of the beautiful church

Most of the buildings in the old city looks like these

The brothers Grim lived here!

August 14th

On the first Sunday here, I visited the Schloss with several friends. We had lunch at the restaurant near the Schloss again! This time we ate on the balcony because a) it is much cheaper and b) the view is incredible. The food was amazing! It was very German...lots of cheese, potatoes, and cream. 

Then we explored the castle! We saw old German woodworking 

and a green room, with a man in a green shirt...

and an anatomy doll...

and really cool armor shields...

and this fantastic chapel that was painted in oranges and reds and pinks! Apparently the Elizabethkirche was originally painted like this...

August 14-21st

The next week went by VERY quickly! It was filled with classes and getting to know my fellow Fulbrighters, who are an amazing bunch! Everyone here is extremely interesting and smart! It is such a pleasure to be around them all! This past Saturday, the 20th, the whole group of us went canoeing! This turned out to be an adventure! Two people ran into a hornets nest of the river bank and both got stung pretty badly! This was a terrible start to our trip, but after a while we all relaxed and enjoyed the ride.

 Getting ready to go!

My lovely canoe partner, Rachel

We had a wonderful lunch at the half way point! All of the cheese and meats were made on a farm that we past during the canoe trip. There were lots of fresh vegetables and bread! It was sooo tasty! 

So that's been my first two weeks in Germany! I've had such a wonderful time and met so many great people! I can't wait to tell you more about my adventures! 



Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Let's Start at the Very Beginning...

Hello My Dear Readers,

I am about to embark upon a wonderful adventure. In 6 (ahhh) days I will be leaving for Germany! I am spending my last days in the US frantically packing! So I'm going a bit crazy.

I am excited (and a bit nervous)! On Sunday, I will take a flight directly to Frankfurt. Upon arrival I will have to navigate the German train system to Marburg

which could be very interesting!! Then I will have a 6-week language intensive program. I will have over 4 hours of language and cultural classes a day! It's going to be a very hectic time, but hopefully by the time I am done I will be able to speak German well.

I am excited to keep you all updated on my wonderful year!

Wish me luck on packing!!