Friday, September 23, 2011

Cooking up a Storm

Hello My Dear Family and Friends,

Now that I am about to leave Marburg, I have started to reflect on these past six weeks. One of the most amazing thing about my language course has been the wonderful field trips and experiences that we have been given.

A week ago we had the opportunity to participate in a cooking class. Our teacher was the most kind hearted woman.

She gave us a recipe book which included a handwritten recipe from her grandmother. And she set the table with cloth that was handspun and handsewn by her grandmother as well! Also on the beautiful table she set were flowers and grapes from her garden.

She welcomed us with Secco (bubbly wine from Germany) and these delightful pastries filled with cheese and grapes. 

And then we started cooking! Our teacher had prepared different stations for each dish.

I got to make the potato dish with Drew. Which I took as a great honor because Germans LOVE their potatoes!! So we embarked on our mission. First pealing 2 kg of potatoes and then shredding them.

Eventually we had two dishes of shredded potatoes and onions coated in tons of olive oil.

Then we baked them and they turned out a perfect golden brown. And very tasty!!

I also participated in the making of Spaetzle, which was great fun. First three lovely members of our group made the dough.

(Apparently it was a very confusing recipe). Then we boiled hot water and put the dough in small amount into the water.

Then we waited for the Spaetzles to rise to the top

And VIOLA...Spaetzle!

After the preparation we got to feast! First we had salads

And then we had meat and potatoes and spaetzle (all the heavy german stuff), and then last but of course not least we had dessert!! Yummy plums (also from the teacher's garden) soaked in red wine. Then the red wine was reduced into a yummy sauce and fresh whipped cream was slathered on top!

Yumm! All in all it was a wonderful way to spend a Wednesday night! Until next time,



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